Google experienced a worldwide trouble for its services for many hours


Many services from Alphabet Inc, including YouTube, Gmail and Drive, were down briefly for thousands of users across the globe on Monday. People working at home and the learning online platforms were also in trouble. Teachers overseas complained they couldn’t continue to teach lessons while students were unable to submit final exams.Some people were affected more: they were unable to turn on their lights because of the outage, which impacted home devices and smart speakers. Suite, one of the services affected, manages not only email communication, but also intra-office messaging through the Chat and Meet services, and actual work through Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.


More than 175,000 tweets were posted about Gmail alone. Google search was largely unaffected. “We are aware that many of you are having issues accessing YouTube right now – our team is aware and looking into it,” YouTube said in a tweet. YouTube later tweeted the service was “back up and running”. Google’s services are now operating normally. The outage was caused by a failure in the company’s authentication tools, a Google spokesman said.