Expanding ban on electronics is a dilemma now for responsible authorities in flights


HS spokesman Dave Lapan tweeted that “no final decisions” have been made however about expanding the restriction. DHS has been in talks with airlines and other stakeholders about the “threat environment” for some time. The fear is linked to the possibility that terrorists may have constructed an explosive that might not be detected by some airport scanning technology and appear to be a battery in a laptop or tablet. First indications of this came in 2016 when a hole was blown in the fuselage of an Airbus A320 as it was on its ascent from Mogadishu, Somalia. At the same time. former ISIS fighters from Western Europe are able to easily travel to the U.S. on passports from countries that don’t require a visa. Bur airlines are concerned about how to manage the large amount of connecting passengers if airports in Europe will  be included in an expanded ban. It could mean additional secondary screening of U.S. bound passengers which would likely result in delays.


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