U.S. permits South Korea to have longer-range missiles


Previously, South Korea was been blocked from the production as well as usage of ballistic missiles within a range of more than 168 miles and a consignment of more than 1.100 pounds because of the fear of regional armaments battle under the 2001 agreement.

The restriction made South Korea less capable compared to North Korea disabling some of the very important military installations of North Korea. But on Sunday, South Korea made an announcement about the alteration in the U.S. accord that will now permit the South Koreans to increase the range of missiles up to 500 miles in order to better compete with threats from North Korea.

Senior Presidential official Chun Yung-woo in press conference stated that, “for the missiles of 800-km range, the payload is limited to 500 kilograms but higher payloads for shorter range missiles can be used under this agreement. The revision of the missile guideline is to control North Korea’s armed annoyance and it is the government’s foremost objective”.

According to this new agreement, South Korea will increase its Missile capability and capable them to hit the North Korea even from Southern areas as well, confirmed by The Defense Ministry.

Analysts are expecting that the media will create problems by their harsh statements even with the order of no immediate reaction to the announcement. Baek Seung-Joo, an analyst in Korean Institute for Defense Analyses in Seoul stated that, “North Korea will consider South Korea’s missile development as groundwork for war. It is basically to warn North Korea that if they create any problem, then South Korea cannot avoid the nuclear disaster after their movement to attack missile bases of North Korea”.

In 2006 and 2009, North Korea performed nuclear tests but they still have not become proficient in this technology as suggested by experts. But according to Seoul’s Defense Ministry, North Korea is capable of striking , South Korea and U.S. Pacific region of Guam with its missiles and they have also conducted a long-range rocket test in April.

U.S. has placed almost 28,500 troops in South Korea in order to prevent possible violence from North Korea because of the on-going war state in Korean Peninsula.


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