Russia’s Channel One TV prepares to produce first space film


Russia’s biggest TV channel – Channel One – has announced its first-ever . It will be jointly produced by Roscosmos, Channel One and Yellow, Black and White studio. The filming will take place at the International Space Station in October 2021.About the actress, it’s asked “one should be 25-45 years old, her height should be between 150-180 cm, bodyweight up to 50-75 kg and ‘chest girth’ of 112 cm.” Additionally, she must be pretty fit, and able to run 1km in three and a half minutes or less, swim 800m freestyle in 20 minutes and dive from a three-meter springboard with an impressive technique. Only Russian citizens can apply for the role and they must have a “clean criminal record”. The applicant does not have to be a professional actress. Each applicant must also send a screen test in which they read Russian poet Alexander Pushkin’s famous letter from Tatyana to Eugene Onegin in his 1833 novel. General Director of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin described the project as “a kind of space experiment”.


CEO of Channel One Konstantin Ernst said the script was currently being written with the help of Roscosmos in a bid to make it true to life. In fact, this will be for real a competition because before announced he would be teaming up with and SpaceX to film the first narrative feature outside the Earth’s atmosphere.