Joe Biden’s biggest fan could be a bettor in the United Kingdom


People around the world is expecting the result in the presidential election in the U.S. Some of them invest and want to win big money. Joe Biden’s biggest fan could be a bettor in the United Kingdom. Someone has placed a £1 million or $1.29 million bet on Biden to be the next president on the , the world’s largest online betting exchange. US gamblers are not allowed to place legal wagers on the election. But wagering on the election in the United Kingdom’s legal betting market is soaring, setting up the US vote to be the most-bet-upon event in history. The £1 million wager is tied for the third-largest bet in Betfair’s history, behind £1.1 million bet on tennis player Rafael Nadal in the 2010 French Open, and slightly more than £1 million bet on Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his 2017 match against Conor McGregor.


The identity of the bettor now, who placed the wager on October 29, is not known. If successful, would win a £540,000 ($696,170) profit on top of getting the original £1 million wager returned. Betfair will allow bettors to keep wagering until a winner is declared, so there could be days more betting, if not more, as vote counting goes on.