British fraudster gunned down in an assassination attempt in Panama City


The drive-by happened in Punta Pacifica, one of Panama’s most exclusive areas. After analyzing the short car, Police forces found evidence of at least 11 bullets fired toward him. He was hit only three times and was brought to a nearby hospital in critical condition. During his hospital stay the assassination attempt victim lied about his identity in an effort to evade Police. He allegedly ripped off thousands of investors in a so-called ‘boiler room’ scam and was wanted for in Spain. One of the scam he was most known for involved him offering shares in a fake Nevada oil prospecting company. This cost British investors alone hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Burton was caught with the lie after his fingerprints matched Interpol records. As soon as he was out of danger from his injuries, the fraudster was jailed and after all formalities are finished he will be extradited to Spain on allegations of ‘ against justice administrations and money laundering’. Police explained that the attack targeting Burton was most likely done by hired hitmen.


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