President Trump received the third nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize


A Finnish member of the European Parliament, Laura Huhtasaari, an MEP and a member of the right-wing Finns Party, called for the American president to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. She wrote to the Nobel Committee to nominate Trump for the 2021 prize “in recognition of his endeavors to end the era of endless wars, construct peace by encouraging conflicting parties for dialogue and negotiations, as well as underpin internal cohesion and stability of his country.” This way, Trump gets the third Nobel Prize nomination. “It is hard to imagine a president of the United States from the last decades, or a current head of state, who would deserve more the Committee’s recognition in 2021 than for his efforts to build peace in the world,” Huhtasaari writes.


Last month also, three members of the European Parliament submitted a resolution to call on the E.U. to nominate Trump for the prize. Separately, a group of Australian law professors backed Trump for the award. “I just think it’s a great thing for our country. It shows that we’re trying to make peace, not war all the time,” Trump declared in September. The winner of the Peace Prize for 2021 will not be announced until October of next year.