A British young woman was stabbed to death in Jerusalem, Friday


The assailant was immediately apprehended by a police officer on the train. Rail service was temporarily halted as police searched for other possible accomplices. The woman, identified by an Israeli news agency as Hannah Bladon, 21, was treated for stab wounds in a hospital and later died, police said. Hannah Bladon arrived in Israel in January to spend a semester at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The attacker was the 57-year-old Jamal Tamimi from East Jerusalem, a mostly Arab area. It was confirmed that it was a terrorist attack. This crime is the latest in a spate of stabbing, and vehicular attacks by Palestinians against Israelis over the past 18 months. The targeted stabbings and other attacks started in October 2015 with almost daily assaults. Heightened security remains in effect now in the capital, as over 50,000 Christians are expected to attend the Holy Fire ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter on Saturday.


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