Tragedy in Pacific: a cargo ship capsized with crew and thousands animals near Japan


A cargo ship, Gulf Livestock 1 , 133,6 meter long, carrying more than 40 crew and nearly 6,000 cattle from New Zealand to China, capsized during stormy weather – Typhoon Maysak, equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane , on Wednesday night, in the waters of the Pacific ocean, to the west of Amami Oshima island in south-western Japan.. The crew of the freighter includes 39 seamen from the Philippines, two from New Zealand and two from Australia. Only a crew member was found drifting in a life jacket after more than half a day in the water. He was in good condition, the Coast Guard said.


Eduardo Sareno, the vessel’s 45-year-old chief officer, said the crew had been instructed to put on lifejackets and that he jumped into the water. The Gulf Livestock 1 is a 139m (450ft), Panamanian-flagged cargo vessel built in 2002. Both Australia and New Zealand said they were providing consular assistance to the families of their crew members. A New Zealand animal rights group said the Gulf Livestock 1 incident illustrates why the export of live animals should not be permitted.