24-year-old Matt Stonie, from San Jose, broke the world record for eating Peeps


Last year, his performance was to eat 200 Peeps in five minutes. $1,750 was distributed among the top runners-up, which included Geoffrey Esper of Massachusetts and Carmen Cincotti of New Jersey, who placed second and third, respectively, with Esper stuffing down 238 Peeps and Cincotti consuming 170. Stonie is however a man who proved eating performances in other occasions. He held the world record for most bacon consumed in five minutes (182 strips), most Moon Pies eaten in eight minutes (85) and most birthday cake consumed in eight minutes (14.5 pounds), among several other achievements. Stonie also devoured 62 hot dogs to win the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, N.Y. Presenting his story we must at the same time to warn people not to do such things at home. Not every person have perfect abilities to achieve and some deadly accidents when competing eating occurred.


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