Synthetic drugs consuming people are a common issue in the US and UK


In several states across the US, the class of drugs known as Spice is causing a rash of poisonings that doctors say are fuelled by residents’ desire to get high without failing drug tests. People experience various sensations, feelings and behavioral attitudes, from being very talkative to paranoia. More serious symptoms, such as kidney failure, stroke, and fast and irregular heartbeat, have all been documented in medical literature.In 2015, Mississippians reported 1,362 poisonings from synthetic cannabinoids, with 17 deaths suspected to be related to the drugs. The most common substance used was Spice. Together, Mississippi and New York make up almost 40% of the synthetic marijuana poisonings reported in 2015, of the nearly 8,000 nationwide. And there are reports in the UK too about people resembling to zombies after consuming it on the streets of Manchester, north west England. Operation Mandera, a police crackdown on drugs in the area has had little effect on the issue.


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