An 105 old man in England took a roller coaster ride for Guinness World Records


However, he noticed the ride was “so different” compared to the last roller coaster he went on, about 80 years ago.Reynolds was accompanied by his daughter, Jaynem 56 old. Additionally for his birthday, the old man received cake bearing 105 candles. Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Mark McKinley was on hand to verify the record.. But this is not all: according to Guinness World Records, his roller coaster ride was all in an attempt to raise money for a local air ambulance charity. “Quite often we have the air ambulance over our district and it impressed me it is all run by charity, no help whatsoever, only charity,” he noted.  Last year, at 104, he became the oldest person to receive their first tattoo. He says an F1 car ride is next on his list. Reynolds credits a drop of whisky in his morning tea as the key to keeping him healthy.


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