A man lost his legs and possibly will have the arms amputated due to a spider bite, in Australia


All occurred suddenly and unexpectedly. “He (could) hardly walk on Saturday and on Sunday (his leg) started to turn black,” his brother said. A toxicology report pointed to a “possible spider bite” but Pareja has no memory of being bitten by a white-tailed spider. Mr Pareja remains in The Alfred hospital in a serious but stable condition, aided by kidney support. It could be 18 months before he will be able to return home. The facts produced a big trouble to his family. His daughter Jeffmarey Pareja started a GoFundMe page to help pay medical bills, saying doctors still had not beaten the flesh-eating bacteria. “We do not have much and we are not rich. I am knocking on your hearts to help my dad’s medication and hospital bill,” she wrote. The goal is to rise $30,000.


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