The Parliament in Paraguay was set in fire after violent riots


However, sitting President Horacio Cartes is trying to remove the restriction and run for re-election. President Cartes’ term is due to end in 2018. Senators voted the constitutional amendment in secret. The bill must also be approved by the other house of parliament, the chamber of deputies, where President Cartes’ party holds a majority. The rioting broke out as thousands of businessmen and government officials were in the capital for the Inter-American Development Bank’s annual board of governors meeting. Several politicians, including the country’s former interior minister, Rafael Filizzola, were hit by rubber bullets. Police used water cannons to disperse the crowd. Opposition activist Rodrigo Quintana, 25, was killed by a rubber bullet fired by police. About 30 had been hurt, including three lawmakers and a senator. The congress building had burnt for hours. President Cartes appealed for calm. Opposition senator Desiree Masi said: “A coup has been carried out. We will resist and we invite the people to resist with us.”


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