Cyclone Debbie hit Queensland, thousand people were evacuated


More than 25,000 people were urged to evacuate. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull activated a disaster response plan. Defense force helicopters and naval vessels would be sent to Queensland with aid “Conditions have deteriorated rapidly,” he told parliament. “Take care and stay safe. Be prepared to shelter in place until Wednesday.” All flights have been cancelled at Townsville Airport and Mackay Airport. “We are going to get lots of reports of damage, and sadly I think we will also receive reports of injuries, if not death,” Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said. Assessing damage was already difficult because communities had been cut off from power and phone reception. Electricity providers said it was not known when power would be restored to houses. Emergency stockpiles of food and fuel have been set aside, and the army is on standby. More than 2,000 emergency workers are on standby but people have been warned crews will only respond when it is safe to do so. Victims are expected to be.


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