Iraq under a wave of bombing again




In the past, these insurgents had organized several attacks in multiple cities but their recent attacks were intended to revive the prevalent sectarian disagreement and weaken the public confidence in the struggling government. These frequent attacks has questioned the government’s ability to cope with violence as Americans left the Iraq in December after eight years and civil war that empowered Shiite majority of Iraq and upset the Saddam Hussein’s Sunni-led minority power base.

According to Police, eight people were killed and twenty eight were injured in the deadliest attack in Taji when three cars having explosives discharged within minutes in sequence.

In other attack that was extended from Kirkuk (Northern Iraq) to Kut (Southern Shiite Town), at least 94 people were injured. No one was willing to hold the responsibility of these attacks but car bombs is an attribute of Al Qaeda. Hakim Al-Zamili, a Shiite lawmaker as well as member of the Parliament’s security and defense committee stated that, “Al Qaeda is still working as evidenced by these attacks”.

After these taji attacks, a suicide bomber had left his explosives-packed car in Shula in Northwest Baghdad resulting in the death of one person and seven injuries. “Another suicide bomber moved a minibus in Kutt that caused the death of three officers and injury of five people”, stated Maj. Gen. Hussein.

According to officials, an explosives-packed car parked next to the police patrol resulted in the death of a police officer and a civilian. Shortly after this, another parked car bomb exploded, killing three civilians and injuring12 others. Between the cities of Kirkuk and Tuz Khormato, when security forces were attempting to diffuse a bomb, an officer got killed and a second officer got wounded.

Madain is a Sunni area 12 miles Southeast of Baghdad where at about 10:30 a.m., a parked car bomb was exploded next to the bus carrying Iraqi pilgrims causing the death of three Iraqis.

Casualties are being confirmed in Taji, Tarmiya and Baghdad by the health officials. Iraqi forces have been failed to stop these attacks that have claimed lives of other almost daily even after the reduction in violence a few years back.


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