A teenager was stronger than a crocodile and escaped from attack


An 18-year-old male suffered serious injuries to one of his arms after a crocodile reportedly attacked him after he jumped into the Johnstone River at Innisfail. But he has not lost the courage  and managed to escape by punching the attacker crocodile  in head with his other arm. The boy’s friends were able after to quickly get him out of the water, which potentially saved his life. Lee De Paauw, 18, was undergoing surgery and doctors say the boy was “very lucky” because “although he does have significant injuries, his arm is still intact.”

Officers from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection are searching the area for the crocodile responsible for attack and believe it was to be up to three meters in length. The crocodile is being targeted for capture and removal. Saltwater crocodiles are one of Australia’s most dangerous land animals and have been responsible for eight confirmed fatal attacks in Queensland since 1985. Another man, who was fishing alone in waters between Palmer Point and High Island, is missing in the waters off Innisfail since two days ago.


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