President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed but didn’t shake the hands in public


“I don’t believe in an isolationist policy,” Trump said about the international relations. Merkel said she and Trump had not yet had much time to discuss economic issues. She sustained the European unity and European integration. During a photo op in the Oval Office, the two did not shake hands before reporters. Merkel said clearly that while she represents German interests, Trump “stands up for, as is right, American interests.” But she affirmed  both countries were expecting “that something good comes out of it for their own people.” Some subjects that require close cooperation between the U.S. and , such fighting the Islamic State group, the conflict in Afghanistan and resolving Ukraine’s conflict, were discussed. Both leaders pointed on efforts to combat terrorism. Merkel emphasized the need for trade deals that fairly benefit both countries.Merkel thanked Trump for his “very warm and gracious hospitality.”


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