A passenger plane made emergency landing at Sydney airport after it lost a propeller


The crew of the Saab 340 said the propeller assembly had “dislodged”, said a Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman, Peter Gibson. The incident was “very, very unusual.”  The propeller which detached at 6,000 feet had not yet been located at the ground. It was fortunate that the propeller did not injure people on the ground in south-west Sydney. Residents in that area were urged to contact the authorities if it was discovered, because the Australian Transport Safety Bureau will need to look at the damage to that to get a full understanding of what happened. “We don’t have any idea at this stage why the propeller should separate from the engine. It’s very early at this point but Casa will be getting detailed reports from Rex about what the pilots observed and the preliminary engineers’ review,” Gibson added. “We’ve got normal controls, still be able to fly would require 1-6 right and we should be able to conduct a precautionary landing,” the pilots said. Emergency services readied for the plane’s arrival at the airport, but it landed safely. No one was injured after the emergency landing. The passengers were offered counseling.


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