Fox News aired a live suicide on TV


A man runs out from the car and while being filmed from a helicopter he is seen to be much disoriented. The man tries to run in a field to escape his chasers.

Fox News viewers were shocked when they witnessed a live suicide. There was no warning about what was going to happen. Shepard saw things as they were unfolding but he was unable to stop the live broadcast before the man committed suicide. After the suspect shot himself in the head Fox News cut to commercials.

After commercials Shepard Smith was back to publicly apologize on his behalf and on the behalf of Fox News to all its viewers. He further explained that FoxNews had a 5 second delay but unfortunately that was not enough to stop the live broadcast in time.  There are rumors that because of the mistake of some intern the live feed was played directly on TV and the 5 second delayed feed was played in the control room.

This explains why Shepard Smith got to repeat “Get off it!” a couple of times before Fox News got to cut off the live feed.



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