Indian fake doctor worked 11 years in hospitals in Australia under a stolen identity


He has been charged with impersonating a doctor after he allegedly stole another man’s identity, moved to Australia, and worked in hospitals in NSW for more than a decade. Shyam Acharya  worked for NSW Health as a junior doctor from 2003 to May 2014, at hospitals in Manly, Wyong, Hornsby and Gosford. “It is alleged in these proceedings that Mr Acharya appropriated another doctor’s name and medical qualifications while living in India and that he used these stolen and other fraudulent documents to gain registration falsely with the Medical Board of NSW,” eputy secretary Karen Crawshaw said. Authorities have been unable to find or contact Mr Acharya, saying his current whereabouts are unknown. Mr Acharya has been charged under section 116 of the Health Practitioner National Regulation Law (NSW). He faces a fine of up to $30,000. Fortunately,  “only one clinical incident where there were concerns about the adequacy of the treatment” he provided. He was already only as one of a number in the clinical team that treated the patient.


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