Queensland state in Australia banned sexist slogans on campervans


The Brisbane-based hire company has established its identity by painting shocking and lewd slogans on the side of its campervans vans for years. More than 125,000 people signed a petition calling for Wicked Campers to take down its slogans. Opponents say the rental car company is using offensive slogans that would not be approved for use in other advertising mediums. “They’re saying it’s ok to kidnap a woman, they’re saying it’s ok to use gaffer tape against a woman, they’re pretty much saying it’s ok to rape a woman: that’s what their messages are,” one of the petitioners    said. The government has criticized the company. “Offensive advertising includes advertising that uses obscene language, that is degrading, that deals inappropriately with sex or violence or very importantly that discriminates against or vilifies any section of the community,” said Minister for Main Roads Mark Bailey. Many commentators expressed hope that other Australian states would pass similar laws to ban sexist and offensive adverts.


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