Special edition gold-plated Trump iPhone 7 created in Russia

The Moscow based luxury Russian Jewellery Caviar company created a  high-end item: a limited special edition gold-plated Trump iPhone 7 as part of its Supremo collection. Caviar’s Supremo collection celebrates “great men” like Vladimir Putin and Ilham Aliyev. The company even detailed this is a “material expression” of hopes for re-establishment of good relations between Russia and the United States.

Just below the giant “TRUMP” branding at the rear bottom of the handset, you can also see Donald Trump’s tagline “Make America Great Again.” The package comes with luxurious varnished wooden case with certificate of authenticity, USB cable, charger, Stereo Headset, and Warranty card. Caviar said it would do its best to get the special edition of the device in the hands of Donald Trump himself. The custom Trump iPhone 7 costs 197,000 rubles or about $3042. Caviar’s top-tier Putin iPhone is priced at $3,766. Putin was one of the first world leaders to congratulate Trump, for winning US elections with a landslide victory. The two the most important politic men have been vocal about their support for each other.