A Volkswagen AG executive was arrested by the FBI


Lawsuits filed against Volkswagen by the states of New York and Massachusetts accuse Schmidt of playing a key role in Volkswagen’s efforts to conceal its emissions cheating from US regulators. Volkswagen declined to comment on the reported arrest. Schmidt is expected to be brought before court in Detroit on Monday. A similar action was taken

in June 2016 in South Korea: the Seoul District Court issued an arrest warrant for a director at Volkswagen Korea on charges of violating local environment laws and fabrication of documents. Volkswagen admitted that software to cheat on diesel emissions tests was installed in some 11 million vehicles worldwide, triggering investigations in countries including U.S. and South Korea. In reality, the vehicles emitted up to 40 times the legally allowable pollution levels. The emissions- cheating big scandal affected the Volkswagen’s company reputation in the world. VW officials are not attending this year’s Detroit auto show, which is taking place this week.


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