A 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck 176 miles south of Fiji


A 5.7-magnitude aftershock also was reported. Locals shopping at the market were alarmed and people wanted to go home. The Tsunami Warning Center said tsunami waves were possible within 186 miles of the quake’s epicenter. No warning had been issued for the Hawaiian Islands immediately following the quake. However, the alert was canceled later, maintaining information about minor sea level fluctuations that still were possible. The Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources permanent secretary Malakai Finau told the Fiji Times people living in low lying areas should move to higher grounds as a precautionary measure. There were no immediate signs of damage. In Suva, companies ordered buildings closed and employees to head to higher ground. In some  areas instead people didn’t feel anything. Earthquakes are not unusual in the area though Wednesday’s quake was outside the norm.


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