Old man dead in accident at a Mexican “quinceanera” viral party


Rubi Ibarra’s bash gained national and international notoriety after the video invitation to the party was accidentally posted to “everyone” on Facebook in early December. More than one million people vowed to attend the party and an estimated 30,000 people ended up attending in the small town of La Joya, in the northern state of San Luis Potosi. A “quinceanera” is a traditional coming-of-age party similar to American “sweet sixteen” parties in which Mexican families often throw big, costly bashes for their daughters. It was a mistake to understand the invitation add because it really referred to everyone in the neighboring communities and not to everyone in the world but it was impossible to correct this once “the ball” was rolling. Even sponsorship by companies was offered. Mexican airline Interjet published a promotion offering 30-percent discounts on flights to San Luis Potosi, under the slogan “Are you going to Rubi’s party?”


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