Dating site presents men like products in a store


Making one that can stand out is quite a challenge. The startup dating site has a unique approach and targets mainly the woman’s interest.

Men are sorted in virtual shelves and can be sorted by “Flavor”, “Packaging” and “Bonus Pack”. A lady can find an Adventurer Surfer Romantic or a Geek Rocker Muscular and then add them to her cart. When she checks out her “order” the store automatically initiates contact between the woman and her “acquisition”.

Men have something to say in this too. Once “bought” a man can check his “owner” and then start a conversation if they are interested. The store currently doesn’t use any money and the term of buying someone is thus just a figure of speech. Men can only contact women that chose them.

The dating service has more than 5000 users and is currently based in Chile. Women already “bought” over 2000 men but only close to half of them responded back. Last week Supermanket launched a U.S. version of the store.


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