The fifth annual Breakthrough Prize awards on science


The event awarded five life-sciences researchers and one mathematician $3 million each. Two teams of physicists were honored, one with $3 million and the other with $1 million as well as $2 million for their 1,012 team members to share. Between winners were honorary professor at the Institute for Innovative Research at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Yoshinori Ohsumi, for his work explaining a process that cells use to manage and recycle waste and Harvard Medical School professor Stephen Elledge for research showing how cells sense and repair damage to DNA. One of the prizes in physics went to a team of three from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Harvard University for advances in quantum field theory, string theory and quantum gravity. Two high-school students. Antonella Masini, an 18-year-old from Peru, and Deanna See, 17, from Singapore, each received a $250,000 scholarship as well as other education awards for researches in quantum entanglement and the antibiotic resistance.


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