The former American astronaut Buzz Aldrin was evacuated from the South Pole


Aldrin was evacuated on the first available flight from the South Pole to McMurdo Station, a research center on the Antarctic coast run by the National Science Foundation. He was in stable condition when he was transferred to the medical team. A flight to New Zealand will be scheduled as soon as possible. Aldrin arrived at the pole on Nov. 29 was scheduled to be there until Dec. 8. Several private tour companies run trips to the South Pole during the daylight months between November and February. He was excited to visit the South Pole. “South Pole here I come!” the former astronaut wrote on Tweeter just before. Aldrin is one of only 12 humans to walk on the moon. Seven of the astronauts are still alive, and include Aldrin, Alan Bean (age 84), David Scott (age 84), John W. Young (age 86), Charles Duke (age 81), Eugene Cernan (age 82) and Harrison Schmitt (age 81.)


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