A replica of the Titanic as tourist attraction is under construction in Sichuan province, China


“(…)The shell of the ship and the exteriors will be quite accurate and there will be interior rooms to be able to tour, and seen from the standpoint of historical accuracy…” is the description of the project given by Curtis Schnell, a production designer. Every detail from the handles to the light switches will be painstakingly reproduced. Tourists can have a night on board for at minimum about $434. Replica will be permanently docked on the Daying Qi river in Sichuan. The attraction is set to open to the public from October 2017. A high-tech simulator will recreate the moment Titanic hit the iceberg, involving light and sound effects. Qixing Energy Investment Group, a company based in Lishui city in east China, first revealed their plan to rebuild the luxury liner in January 2014. They recently announced that a limited number of 5,000 tickets to the new Titanic will go on sale from June 15 on their official website.


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