A 14 year girl from London with a rare form of cancer was cryogenically preserved in America


Previously, her divorced parents had become embroiled in a dispute relating this possibility. The teenager had carried out internet research into cryonics during the last months of her life. Mr Justice Peter Jackson had made the ruling she wanted and as consequence her remains have now been taken to the USA and frozen. She had been too ill to attend the court hearing and after taking decision the judge visited her in hospital.

The girl’s father was unsatisfied with the judge’s decision. “Even if the treatment is successful and she is brought back to life in, let’s say, 200 years, she may not find any relative and she might not remember things,” he had told Mr Justice Jackson. The girl is known as JS. She died in a London hospital on October 17. She is one of only 10 Britons to have been frozen, and the only British child. The cryonic process, costs from £37,000The cryonic preservation  is currently legal but unregulated. Mr Justice Jackson ruled that nothing could be published until one month after JS’s death.


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