There is a hope to limit fake news circulating on the web, Google said


’s new policy, which could be enforced imminently, may give sites a bigger incentive to offer accurate information to readers  or face losing a hefty chunk of their revenue.  It’s unclear when this new policy will take effect. It’s also unclear at this time what qualifies as a fake news site. Certainly this will make more difficult again for websites to apply for Adsense. But the change is needed. Only on Monday, a fake story which claimed received 700,000 votes more than Hillary Clinton was given a prominent slot in rankings for the phrase “final election results”. The article still appears high up in ’s search results even though the tech company has acknowledged the error.

To have a technical clarification here: it is possible to earn income from a news site. But it depends on what kind of news and how much traffic/impressions the site attracts. And that is the wrong motivation for some people who try to produce traffic propagating fake news.


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