2 American Nationals Dead in Libya; US Film Instigated Egyptian Protesters Raged the Embassy in Cairo


In line with the rumors, the issue had provoked the people in Cairo which resulted into several demonstrative actions towards the Consular Officers. The people were anguished with the humiliation and they took it out by changing the American Flag in the Consulate office with a black flag.

One of the US Senior Official informed the ABC News that they will strengthen the alert level in the entire region. They fear further attacks in other countries in the region.  According to the US Officials, one of the employees in the consulate office was found dead due to smoke inhalation coming from the fire outbreak.

Another dead employee was found but the cause of death is yet to be confirmed. There were 20 armed assailants who attacked the consulate office. A firefight with the Libyan security officers took place and one of the infrastructures was entirely devastated. According to the Libyan source, the name of the group that initiated the attack is Ansar Al Sharia. They claimed the responsibility of this unfortunate event and denied that the motivation of the event is related to the humiliation of the character of their Prophet.

The group is closely connected with the Al Qaeda and currently located at the Eastern part of Libya.

The Secretary of the State, Hillary Clinton was devastated learning about the event. She was overwhelmed with the attack in the consulate office and condemned those who are responsible to the death of their two nationals. Hillary Clinton extended her heartfelt prayers and thoughts to the family of the people who died in the event. During a press conference she stated that the Libyan President Mohammed Yussef Magariaf will cooperate to strengthen the security of the Americans in Libya.

In Cairo, several protestors clambered the consulate wall and took the American Flag. After they attempted to burn it, they torn it apart and replace it with black flag depicting Arabic characters. There were no confirmed sources linking the black flag to Al Qaeda. The State Department Spokeswomen, Victoria Nuland conferred that the Egyptian security will coordinate with the United States to restore peace. The intervention worked well and there were no guns involved, David Linfield, Embassy spokesman said.


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