A transatlantic British Airways flight forced to divert in Vancouver due to crew ill


Unconfirmed reports suggest the patients were suffering from smoke inhalation, but the airline has described this as ‘pure speculation’ at this stage. When the plane landed in Vancouver, firefighters come in to the plane in outfits and full respirators, a passenger said. The jet can hold 469 passengers but the exact number on board was not communicated. A statement from British Airways said: “We are sorry for the delay to our customers’ flight but the safety and well being of our customers and crew is always our top priority.” The company also specified that has arranged hotel accommodation for the customers and they will book them on alternative flights as soon as possible. Ten patients were rushed to Richmond Hospital, while another 10 went to the Vancouver General Hospital, and another five went to the Delta Hospital. The airline declined to comment on the nature of the symptoms that forced flight BA286 to be diverted on Monday night.


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