Russian President suspended deal with the U.S. regarding disposal of plutonium


and the inability of the US to deliver on the obligation to dispose of excessive weapons plutonium under international treaties, as well as the need to take swift action to defend Russian security.”

It was specified that the Russian fissile material would not be used for any military purpose, be it production of new weapons or research. The decree needs to be approved by the Russian parliament, which may overrule the president’s decision.

Moscow wants Washington to curb its military presence on the territories of NATO members which have joined the alliance after September 1, 2000, to the number at which they were at the moment of signing the agreement. It also asks Washington to provide a clear plan how it is going to irreversibly reprocess plutonium under the agreement’s conditions. Russia insisted that the US was violating the terms of the deal, which required it to use a nuclear reactor to transmute plutonium. Under the Obama administration, the US decided that it would instead use the cheaper reversible process. The Russian Foreign Ministry has been instructed to dispatch a relevant notification to the U.S. side.


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