Mexican police captured a “bazooka” used to launch drugs


Inside, the offucers found a home made “bazooka”, The equipment consisted in “an air compressor, a gasoline motor, a tank for storing air and a metallic tube of approximately 3 meters in length”. The metal tube to be hooked up to launch projectiles, possibly across the border. Since 2012  Cans and packets of marijuana, cocaine, and crystal meth have been discovered on the US side of the border. The discovered objects in Mexic  were seized. The van was reported to have been stolen. “It seems like within the last five to 10 years they have gotten really, really creative in how they bring their drugs across,” Andy Adame, a former spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told to the media even in 2013. High-pressure air cannons can launch weightier marijuana packages more than 200 meters.


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