Red Bull heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya involved in deadly hit and run


He run from the scene of the crime but Police found him after they traced oil leaks down to one of his family’s estates in Thai capital.

For his actions escaping arrest and death caused by reckless driving he faced some serious charges. He was eventually released with a $16000 bail. Vorayuth denied some of the accusations. He declared that the police officer cut his way all of the sudden and there was nothing he can do to avoid the accident.

Lt. general Comronwit Toopgrajank took over the case. He declared to the press: “A policeman is dead. I can’t let this stand. If I let this case get away, I’d rather quit,” he told reporters. “I don’t care how powerful they are. If I can’t get the actual man in this case, I will resign.”


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