United Airlines flight 880 made emergency landing in Ireland, 13 were injured


Many passengers were sleeping when the shaking began overnight about halfway over the Atlantic. Anybody who wasn’t buckled flew up. Severe drops in altitude followed. People flew headlong into the ceiling of the plane, suffering cuts to their heads. Many of the flight’s 207 passengers were screaming. Flight attendants did well to keep people calm. 10 passengers and two flight attendants were taken to the  University Hospital Limerick. Three children were among the injured. Passengers have told of their terror after landing. Everybody got really scared. “It felt like a rollercoaster,” one of them said. By late Wednesday morning, only a flight attendant remained in the hospital. The plane resumed its flight to Heathrow Airport at 12:11 p.m. (7:11 a.m. ET). The cause of the turbulence wasn’t immediately known, the airline said.


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