The 21st Air Guitar World Championships was won by Matt “Airistotle” Burns from USA


The “Air Guitar Championships” were launched 1n 1996 in Finland. Air Guitarists have to compete in national championships before to participate in finale. Air guitarists perform a song  for 60 seconds individually, without a guitar or any equipment.

The rules are:
1. each performance is played to 1 minute (60 sec.) of a song; 2. the 60 seconds can start anywhere in the song; 3. the instrument must be invisible & be a guitar; 4. air roadies are allowed, but must leave the stage before the performance; 5. Back-up bands (air or real) are not allowed.

The results of the jury cannot be protested. All performances are scored on a scale from 4.0 to 6.0 – 6.0 being the highest possible. One of the criteria is the “airness”, which is defined as the extent to which a performance transcends the imitation of a real guitar and becomes an art form in and of itself. Air guitarists on the competition are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.


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