A Czech tourist woman survived a month lost in New Zealand wilderness


The woman was found Wednesday living in a park warden’s hut on the snowed-in Routeburn Track. She was part of a young couple who became lost  in July because the track markers were buried in deep snow. After two days the man fell down a steep slope and died. The woman, suffering from some frost bite, hypothermia and other minor injuries spent the next three nights living outside in freezing conditions before stumbling upon the hut and breaking in. She decided it was best for her safety to remain in the hut. Than she fashioned a letter “H” in the snow outside to signal she needed help, and waited. However hikers were avoiding the route and nobody came. It was almost a month before the Czech consulate finally raised the alarm on Wednesday and after a helicopter was sent along the route and they found her. She was admitted to a local hospital and found to be in reasonable health. Rescuers plan to try and recover the body of the deceased man.


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