A Chinese tourist was considered by mistake a refugee in Germany


The man accidentally signed the paperwork for asylum claims and was sent to a refugee center 220 miles away in the northern town of Duelman. His passport was taken, his fingerprints were taken  a medical examination was performed.  He received shelter, food and spending money but he became a victim of the bureaucracy trying to clarify his situation. Only after two weeks the mistake was discovered when the authorities had the idea to ask help for translation at a Chinese restaurant.

The  “refugee” was finally discharged from the care of the Red Cross. He reportedly thanked everyone for the kind treatment he received and set off to travel further in France and Italy.The conclusion of the story was however a tricky one: he simply did what he was told, and he received what he asked based on his signature. It was finally a lucky man because if no one had found the truth, the Chinese national might have been stuck at the refugee shelter for up to a year.


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