A study about the future of the Olympic Games has breathtaking conclusions to know


There is for real an anti-Olympic movement explained by how people judge now a such engagement in their country, considering the bid expenses needed in comparison with social problems which even developed nations have. Some things are known. It took Montreal 30 years to pay off its Olympic debt from 1976. In 1984, Los Angeles was the only bidder to host the games. Is a known fact that in many cases the big investments made for Olympics finished in ruins in a few years. In Amsterdam protesters pelted the IOC officials with eggs and tomatoes when they appeared in public. In Berlin a crowd of protesters marched in the streets when the IOC made its final inspection of the city.

Because the IOC became “a monopoly rights holder of a business that seeks to extract rent from cities” as Christopher Gaffney concludes it’s probably the time to change something or the Olympic Games will ever not be more. “We have to realize that the IOC’s business model is noxious. We need to have a serious rethink about the way these events drive inequality on a global scale. And the best way to do that is to stop them. Full stop,” the study made in says.


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