Future global food supplies shortage might force people into vegetarianism


Numbers do not lie and researchers reached a terrible conclusion. Because the production of food is not keeping the same pace with the increase in population a lot of people won’t have something to eat.

We take 20% of our protein intake from meat or other animal-based products. Many people might have to renounce eating or eat considerably less meat if we want to be able to feed the extra 2 million people by 2050. The problem lies in the fact that there won’t be enough water to sustain an increased production on our current croplands.

But how does vegetarianism solve this problem?

Protein-rich animal food costs us up to 10 times more water to produce than vegetarian food. If the world would choose to have a vegetarian diet we would be able to produce a lot more food even with the current ever-changing climate. Experts estimate that a food shortage will also lead to food price increase. UN and Oxfam are already preparing for the worst. We could be facing a second global food crisis in less than five consecutive years!


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