Bao Bao, the world’s oldest giant male panda died


The 34 year old panda bear was one of the world’s oldest giant panda bears. Berlin Zoo’s last panda Bao Bao died peacefully in his sleep this Wednesday at noon.

The panda was sent as a gift to Helmut Schmidt, former german chancellor from China’s premier Hua Huofeng. Bao Bao received a female panda companion also sent as a gift by Hua. Bao Bao lived hapily with Tjen Tjen until the female panda died in 1984. Since Bao Bao was all alone it was sent to a London Zoo between 1991 and 1993 in an effort to mate him with Ming Ming a female panda from a London Zoo. Li Peng promised another female panda partner for Bab Bao in 1994 after a Chinese state visit to the Berlin Zoo. The panda bear lived alone until 1995 when Yan Yan joined him. Bao Bao did not mate with the new panda. Unfortunately Yan Yan died in 2007 at age 22 and Bao Bao lived all alone ever since.

Zoo official relates to the press that the giant panda was loved by everybody and that “Bao Bao will never be forgotten”.

Below is a video from 2007 with Bao Bao at the Berlin Zoo:


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