The Great Pan-Orthodox Council meeting in Crete


Previously it was a more than 1000-year schism. has split the church into 14 separate and independent orthodox primacies. Even now not all of them are on the meeting. The Syrian, Bulgarian, Georgian and Russian churches refused to participate.  Subjects as the family, the diaspora, ecumenism, and fasting are to be discussed. After all, the mission of the Orthodox Church in today’s World has to be defined and relations of the Orthodox Church with the rest of the Christian World must be clarified. By his absence from Crete,not clearly motivated, the Archbishop  Kirill prevents the Council claiming for real “pan-orthodoxy.” Pope Francis addressed to the event saying in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican: “Let us unite ourselves to the prayer of our Orthodox brothers and sisters, invoking the Holy Spirit so that it would assist with its gifts the patriarchs, archbishops and bishops gathered in the council.”


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