Julian Assange might stay a while at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London


Rafael Correa, the Ecuadorian president, confirmed once again that ’s asylum offer will not be revoked.

The Ecuadorean diplomats were asked why did they allow to attack Washington and London from the embassy. When faced with this question the diplomats responded: “He had to deliver a message. A lot of people were wanting to know what he looked like. They wanted an image. It had political value.”

Ricardo Patino, the Ecuadorian foreign minister, declared that Ecuador offered  asylum because it strongly believes the WikiLeaks founder is facing political persecution.  Ecuador’s asylum decision was widely criticized by UK and Sweden. Ecuador can “use the alternatives under international law to demand the safe passage” of if UK interferes in its decisions.

For now Assange will remain in the embassy until he is allowed safe passage for Ecuador. He can stay “eight years [or] two centuries” if necessary, the Ecuadorian foreign minister added.


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