British climber man saved Indian climber woman on Everest


Binns was approaching an area nicknamed “The Balcony” when he noticed someone sliding down the fixed climbing lines. “All I could hear were the screams of terror as the person gained momentum. I braced myself to try and stop whoever it was, and managed to do so,” he remembers. He transferred to the woman his spare oxygen bottle and took her down. Even if the descent was a perilous and difficult one, he finally managed to help the woman return to the camp. Sunita was suffering from hypothermia and her right hand was badly frost-bitten. Before collapsing himself and fell asleep, Binns continued to help her giving her his sleeping bag and trying to re-warm her hand. In the morning, Ms Sunita was helped by her Sherpas to continue down the mountain. “I am immensely proud that I helped Sunita. I just wish I could have done more,” Mr Binns said. He now works in private security in oil fields in Iraq.


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