Many parody accounts targeting Russian officials suspended at Twitter


@AmbYakovenkoNot, which lampoons Aleksandr Yakovenko, Russia’s ambassador to Britain; and @Russia__Not, which spoofs the Russian government. Timing of suspension was not specified. Reactions of the fans followed quickly. “Dear @twitter, why in the world have you suspended one of the funniest parody acc’ts around @DarthPutinKGB ? It’s a joke account, not a troll,” wrote one of them. Even the person behind @DarthPutinKGB wrote in a blog: “I will be back !” Even media commentators had reactions. “I wanted to collect some of DarthPutinKGB’s best tweets for posterity, but since Twitter has blocked the account, I can’t. (…) For now at least, social media won’t be the same”, as an example, Brian Whitmore said. No comment or explanation from Twitter yet.


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