Some athletes’ past performance at Olympic Games could be re-evaluated after I.O.C. investigates doping suspicion


The countries in question will be notified in coming days, according to a spokesman. The big problem is linked to the 2014 Sochi Games, when Russia controlled the Olympic testing laboratory, and was generated after the former longtime director of Russia’s antidoping lab, Grigory Rodchenkov, said he worked for years at the direction of the Russian government to help the country’s top athletes use banned, performance-enhancing substances and go undetected. He even described a special operation in which he and a small team had substituted Russian athletes’ tainted urine for clean urine, stockpiled in the months leading up to competition and passed surreptitiously through a hole in the wall of the lab building. He offered some indications about substance added in urine, which could be identified.

“People are celebrating Olympic champion winners, but we are sitting crazy and replacing their urine,” Dr. Rodchenkov said. If facts are proved , possibly the general perception about Olympic Games will change.


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