Canadian firefighters and authorities continue the battle against the massive wildfire in Fort McMurray


Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said. “The damage is extensive.” A dangerous mix of extreme temperatures and bone-dry conditions had fueled the inferno. The forecast for Friday included no rain, but winds were not expected to be as strong. The flames also prevented people north of the city from being able to travel south. Authorities ordered the evacuation of more than 88,000 people.The  unpredictable fire headed toward even an emergency shelter in Anzac.

The wildfire destroyed gas stations, leaving many drivers and evacuees stranded. So fellow Canadians drove up a clogged highway, giving away gas, food and water. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada said they are closely monitoring the situation in Fort McMurray and “assessing whether and when special measures will be necessary to address the needs of Canadian citizens, permanent residents and temporary residents in the region.” The Fort McMurray area has been a popular destination for temporary workers for the past several years. Many implicationsincluding legal aspects  are going to be for them. The entire population of Fort McMurray now face a long wait before they can return to their homes and resume anything close to normal lives. The government is working on a plan to find “transitional housing” for families who lost everything.


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